Celebrating Women

This blog began as a way to represent women in the arts. With my posts, I aim to amplify the voices and perspectives of women creators and to showcase their extraordinary work.  When I searched for comparable sites online for pointers during the development of this site, I was surprised that there were so few.  Currently, about 20 percent of artists working in Canada are women.  A significant difference exists between this already skewed participation in the arts and the even more meager representation of these female artists in galleries, museums, and publications.  If we, as women, want to make our experiences and voices more impactful in the art world, then we must begin by valuing the power of our own influence. 


In light of the fact that today is International Women's Day and the month of March is Women's History Month, I'd like to use this and my next several posts to revisit my original intention to highlight women in general, as artists and creators, as innovators and as inspirations for the young women who follow in their footsteps.

For the remainder of March, I will be sharing posts that celebrate amazing female photographers - some of historic significance, some contemporary, and all personally influential.  Make sure to subscribe below so you don't miss out on any of them. 

And, let's not forget to take some time today to celebrate all that women have contributed to social, economic, cultural and political achievement while still remembering how far we have yet to go until gender parity is reality.