Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, I've put together a list of fantastic contemporary photographers for you to check out. The images and perspectives of these photographers have contributed to the future of the art form and have helped strengthen the field of photography as a whole. I hope you enjoy taking some time to look at their impressive bodies of work.

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My next installment will be about the relationship between art and politics, especially during our current administration and it will include a comprehensive guide on what we can all do to be heard and make a difference, especially artists. So, don't miss out!

Melissa Bunni Elian is a Haitian-American journalist using words, photos and video to tell multimedia stories.

Portrait by Melissa Bunni Elian

Portrait by Melissa Bunni Elian

Portrait by Melissa Bunni Elian, from  afropunk x ferguson

Portrait by Melissa Bunni Elian, from afropunk x ferguson

Latoya Ruby Frazier creates work addressing industrialism, rustbelt revitalization, environmental justice, healthcare inequity, family and communal history.

Latoya Ruby Frazier, from  The Notion of Family

Latoya Ruby Frazier, from The Notion of Family

Latoya Ruby Frazier, from  Pier 54: A Human Right to Passage

Latoya Ruby Frazier, from Pier 54: A Human Right to Passage

Hank Willis Thomas is a photo conceptual artist working primarily with themes related to identity, history and popular culture. 

Hank Willis Thomas,  Flying Geese

Hank Willis Thomas, Flying Geese

Hank Willis Thomas,  Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Us Around

Hank Willis Thomas, Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Us Around

Ruddy Roye is a Brooklyn based documentary photographer specializing in editorial and environmental portraits and photo-journalism photography.

Ruddy Roye, from  The Common Treads Project   

Ruddy Roye, from The Common Treads Project  

Ruddy Roye, from  Dancehall: In the Wake of Daggering

Ruddy Roye, from Dancehall: In the Wake of Daggering

Khalik Allah is a street photographer and filmmaker whose work has been described as "street opera."

Khalik Allah, from  Black Mother

Khalik Allah, from Black Mother

Khalik Allah, from  Wu-Tang Clan

Khalik Allah, from Wu-Tang Clan

Tarji Smedley is a commercial, fashion, lifestyle photographer, and photojournalist.

Tarji Smedley

Tarji Smedley

Tarji Smedley

Tarji Smedley

Russell Frederick is a photographer whose global world view and keen understanding of the human condition informs his compelling photography.

Russell Frederick

Russell Frederick

Russell Frederick

Russell Frederick

Ivan Forde is a Guyanese born Harlem raised photographer with interests in new media. 

Portrait by Ivan Forde

Portrait by Ivan Forde

Ivan Forde,  The Fall of Man

Ivan Forde, The Fall of Man

Kwesi Abbensetts looks for beauty and something compelling through his photography to make you see yourself a different way. 

Kwesi Abbensetts

Kwesi Abbensetts

Kwesi Abbensetts

Kwesi Abbensetts

Lebohang Kganye is a photographer whose work often incorporates her interest in sculpture and performance of the archive and memory.

Lebohang Kganye,  Untitled 10

Lebohang Kganye, Untitled 10

Lebohang Kganye,  The Alarm

Lebohang Kganye, The Alarm

Omar Victor Diop looks at his photography as a means to capture the diversity of modern African societies and lifestyles.

Omar Victor Diop, from  Project Diaspora

Omar Victor Diop, from Project Diaspora

Omar Victor Diop, from  Liberty

Omar Victor Diop, from Liberty

The Ultimate Holiday Shopping List

Hi, All!

Welcome to the most meticulously crafted and only holiday shopping list that you could ever need or want. We have collected the most geek-pleasing assortment of science toys, tech contraptions, photography gear, and general curiosities for your most discerning of gift recipients. Although, if you're like me, some of these fun items will find their way into your stocking.

So, without further ado, here is the list of lists. I hope you enjoy it. And, may all of your holidays be joyful.

the foxcraft



Some Tech Goodies:

Spire is an activity tracker that also tracks your breathing to encourage mindfulness and alert us of tension in our day. I've been using mine for a few days now and have been pleasantly surprised with how often it alerts me to take a deep breath when I wasn't even aware I was tense. It's normally $99, but if you're interested, here's a link for 10% off.

This Smart Charging Station is another item that worked its way into my stocking. It has really helped me out with the clutter of devices and wires around my desk. $90

For the master chef (or aspiring chef) on your list, you can offer the ability to use the typically high end restaurant sous vide cooking method in their home kitchen with this wand and app for $149.

If the recipient is more comfortable brewing a cup of coffee instead of prepping a 4 star meal, then get them the Gemini Espresso Maker. $45

This R2D2 Coffee Press would be another great Xmas morning option. $40

As someone who deals with Celiac disease, the Nima Gluten Tester has been a device I've kept my eye on since its Kickstarter days. Now, it's available for $279.

How cool is this! A wireless router, hard drive, and external battery all in one! $21

If you're looking for battery life in a more chic device that fits in the smallest of bags, look at the Triple C power gloss. $30

Want something even more chic? How about a bracelet charger for your iPhone! $150

Or, you might prefer a cable with a long cord to work its way around the coffee shop laptop user who monopolizes the outlet all day. This one is about 10 feet long! $35

The Nonda Zus is a charger that will help you or that forgetful loved one on your shopping list locate their car in a crowded lot after hours of gift buying. $30

Does someone you know need a comfortable bike to get around town? Check out the Electrabike. $660

Another option is the Kent Bike Cruiser (proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen). $149

Google Home is your personal assistant at home that works with loads of your favorite products and services including Spotify, nest, Pandora, Youtube, Tunein, your Google calendar and Chromecast.  $129

Sony Portable Projector Short Throw is definitely pricy, but drool worthy, as well. $1000

If you know someone with a collection of records accumulating dust, get them the Crosley Dansette Turntable. $139

For those who would rather make their own music, try the Kalabrand Ukulele. $70

And, for those who want to make music in a less traditional way, Roli blocks. Starting at $180

Here's a sleek option for the woman that doesn't want to lug around a large purse to carry her phone and credit cards. $25

How about this geek option for the woman who wants her purse to make a statement and that statement is that she's a fan girl. Bobofett Purse. $50

For the Photographers:

Some New and Notable Cameras:

Lomo'instant Sanremo. $109

Canon Powershot G7 Mark II (compact). $679

Sony Alpha 6300 (mirrorless, with fast wifi). $1148

Impossible Project I-1 Instant Camera. $299

Olympus Pen-F Camera. $1199

Fuji Film X70 Compact Camera. $699

Leica X-Y Camera (more rugged than other models for the adventurous photographer). $1995

Leica Sofort (compact) $299

And, some photography gear:

Bloom Theory Camera Strap. $79

The Pulse Remote from Alpine Labs. $99

Here are some ideas to encourage kids to pursue STEM studies

Amazing Bacteria Science Kit. $18

iPhone Microscope. $149

Artsy Gifts:

MOMA matted prints. $15-$300

Minted Foil City Maps. $36-$130

A mix of artsy and sciency! Histology plates. $140

Personalized DNA wall art. $199-$649

Give the knitter in your life this snazzy snood kit, one of many kit options. $72

If they already have a project, this knitting bowl could prove useful. $48

Sci fi necklaces. $10

Sea creature stacking cups. $37

Membership to a Book of the Month club would be a fantastic present! $45/ 3 mos. $144/ yr

Death Star desk lamp. Everyone needs one. $50

Atlas Obscura book. An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders. $18

Explore the stars with this map of the constellations. $38

Make a personalized photo book with Chatbooks - starting at $8