Contemporary Women Photographers to Check Out, Part 2

Hello again, Everybody!

Here's the second part of my list of inspiring female photographers.  I realize that this list is only a tiny example of the talented women working today in the field of photography.  Please feel free to post any female photographers that you think have been overlooked in the comments section.  I will try to included them in a future post.


Judy Dater (American)  is known for her portraits and nudes that challenge our preconceived notions of a woman's body.  Her work has strong ties to the emergence and evolution of the feminist movement.

Shadi Ghadirian (Iranian) uses humor and stereotypes to depict the Iranian woman of today and her struggle between tradition and modernity.

Agnieszka Sosnowska (Polish) takes narrative self-portraits in the Icelandic countryside that simultaneously expose strength and vulnerability.

Dita Pepe (Czech) creates self-portraits, reminiscent of casual snapshots, which explore how the relationship to one's surroundings reflects on identity.

Lucy Hilmer (American) is known primarily for her long term series, especially Birthday Suits.  Through these projects she takes on the theme of time and both the things that change and those that stay the same.

Elena Chernyshova (Russian) is a documentary photographer interested in investigating different cultures, lifestyles and the human ability to adapt to extremes.

Katerina Belkina (Russian) creates dreamlike self-portraits and uses digital manipulation to impart a surreal quality while she addresses the themes of beauty and drama.

Maia Flore (French) touches upon the themes of childhood, and memory. Her narrative fabrications hover along the boundaries between reality and imagination.

Daro Sulakauri (Georgian) is a photojournalist giving a voice to human rights issues like underage marriage.

Marja Pirila (Finnish) uses light as her theme and it's influence.  By using pinhole cameras and camera obscura she places the process of photography at the forefront of her imagery.

Juul Kraijer (Dutch) makes haunting, otherworldly images of female models devoid of individuality.  They share components of both Renaissance paintings and Surrealism.

Hellen van Meene (Dutch) photographs teenage girls with resulting images that are both graceful and awkward.  Her work touches upon our ideas of adolescence and normality.

Eugenia Maximova (Bulgarian-Austrian) sees photography as a form of visual anthropology.  Her work is strongly influenced by her journalistic background.

Nina Roeder (German) recreates memories and constructs scenes to delve into time, memory and the interaction between figure and space.