Things To Do in Toronto in Late Winter

Since there's a tendency for us to become comfort food munching, hibernating lumps during these colder months, I thought I'd try to compile a list of things to keep us entertained and active even if every grain of our being tells us to work on  making a butt-shaped impression in our couch instead. If you find yourself in a city other than Toronto, simply change the names of locations to some more local versions and get off your bum all the same. If you find yourself in a city with warm weather year round, we can talk again in May. 

Get active:

Instead of watching superheroes at the movies, be your own and fight off the cold at Toronto Comicon from March 18-20.

Pretend to be a bootlegger and escape from the tunnels of Casa Loma.

Drop in to a dance class.

Why don't adults get recess? Take it back at an indoor playground.  Or an indoor trampoline park.

Get caffeinated:

I can't imagine many things cozier than sipping a latte with a kitty.

Get Creative:

Use your hands. Make some pottery.

Use tools. Learn woodworking.

Get a buzz:

Do you miss outdoor drinking? Well, check out this winterized patio!

You could also visit a brewery and stay warm next to a fireplace while enjoying a view of the freezing lake.

Get cultured:

Toronto’s annual winter art installation in the Beaches has launched.

Come see my work and the work of the very talented other members of the Women's Art Project collective at Lakeshore Arts.